Produce Bags and Pouches
Produce Bags and Pouches

Promote your fresh produce department by using Robbie's Fresh N Tasty bulk produce pouches for a variety of un-cut produce items.  The high clarity pouch gives consumers a clear view of the product, an easy carry handle and recloseable zipper for convenience.

Your consumers will appreciate the ease of use, improved freshness and your commitment to providing them with a convenient and food safe package.  Research shows that 68% of consumers enjoy the convenience of picking up pre-packaged produce versus picking through bulk displays.  And, they trust packaging over bulk because it gets handled less.

Key Pouch Features:

  • Increased sales volume - larger ring-out  due to increased weight of packaged produce
  • Food safety - prevents contamination from consumer handling
  • Reduces shrink - decreases product spillage and product from being over picked
  • Freshness retention - macro perforation prevents condensation and helps extend shelf life
  • Laminated structure - keeps the pouch clearer
  • Better merchandising - bottom gusset helps pouch stand on shelf upright and prevents spills
  • Resealable zipper - lets consumers reclose package to maintain freshness
  • Convenience - provides a grab-n-go concept for busy shoppers

*Another trend in convenience is selling mixes of vegetables designed for specific uses like for stir fry or fajitas.  The idea is to save consumers both time shopping and money by combining the appropriate amount and varieties for recipes.  Robbie's Fresh Kit To Go pouch can be used for multiple kits like salsa, guacamole, fajitas, spaghetti and more.   The pouch contains a gusseted bottom  helping you set up your new grab-n-go display easily.

You put it all together for one price and watch your fresh produce sales grow by promoting new produce combinations!

Robbie's  Locally Grown Pouch is a great answer for retailers looking to appeal to consumers that prefer to purchase locally or regionally grown produce.  The words Locally Grown is printed on the stand-up handle to catch the eye of the consumer.  Almost half of all consumers tend to purchase local produce whenever possible.*  Pouch is sized to hold multiple items like green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and more. The recloseable zipper is an added convenience that consumers love.

Robbie's Steam N' Eat Pouch is a new alternative for retailers wanting to provide their consumers with a fresh addition to ready-to-eat meal solutions.  The pouch is designed with customized laser venting technology that allows the produce to cook evenly while keeping the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of a microwave.  Allows the consumer to save prep time and clean up.  Consumers can add butter, oil or seasonings prior to cooking, or just after, for enhance flavor and enjoyment.

Produce pouches are perfect for processors too.

Processors choose the Robbie Fresh N Tasty Produce Pouch because consumers prefer it.  In research conducted by the Produce Marketing Association, consumers favor produce packaging that preserves freshness and taste. They also desire produce that comes in packaging that is resealable, is offered in various sizes and is environmentally friendly. 64% of consumers want to easily store their produce at home.    The Robbie pouch offers all of this and more.

The Fresh N Tasty Produce Pouch is an industry leader with on-pack information.  Offering a near limitless array of options for marketing, promotions and education on every pouch!  PMA research states that over 50% of consumers said they get their information from the packaging.  Consumers are influenced even more by innovative on-package information when considering new or unfamiliar products.  

Key Pouch Features:
  • Customized Micro and Macro Perforations for Modified Atmosphere
  • More Efficient Transport and Storage
  • Produce Delivered in Value-Added Packaging
  • Large Printing Area for Brand Message
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Increased Shelf-Life
  • On-Pouch Promotion Options
  • Engineered Efficiency – Less Packaging for More Product
  • Stay Fresh Barrier Properties
  • Consumer Friendly
    • Easy Carry Handle
    • Resealable Zipper for Freshness
    • High-Visibility Product Viewing Window
    • Easier Storage Slim Design
    • Strong Package Seals for Leak Resistance

Robbie offers full customization to promote in-store marketing and merchandising. Our skilled marketing team has a variety of tools to give you an advantage in the marketplace. Vanity bar codes, on pouch couponing, QR coding and a wide array of printing and merchandising options are just a few of the advantages that Robbie provides.   The Robbie team is ready to craft a custom packaging program that is as colorful, fresh and engaging as the produce department.  

To learn more about Robbie's Fresh N Tasty Produce Pouches or to request a free sample, please call 800-255-6328 or email us.  If you would like to learn more about consumer trends, request a copy of Robbie's Produce Playbook.