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Bakery Bags and Pouches

Fresh N Tasty® Bakery Pouches help to guarantee your baked goods taste fresher, longer, and are the preferred choice of consumers.  In an independent study of sensory and shelf life factors conducted by prestigious Clemson University Packaging Science Department, the Fresh N Tasty Pouch clearly outperformed clamshell packaging.  The study concluded that baked goods retained optimal moisture content and texture when in the pouch as compared to the clamshell.  The improved quality of the baked goods resulted in substantial increases in purchase interest and like-ability among the consumers in the study.

Consumers who regularly purchase in-store bakery cookies found the cookies in a Fresh N Tasty Pouch an astonishing 56% more "like-able" than those in the clamshell packaging.  This resulted in a 32% increase in "purchase interest" for baked goods in the pouch.  Consumers interviewed were clear in their preferences, saying; "cookies smelled like a sugar cookie should, and tasted fresh."  Another offered, "cookies in the pouch had a better flavor and weren't dry or hard."  The Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouch improves the overall quality of packaged baked goods, and consumers noticed.

Robbie conducted extensive in-store intercepts which that showed the Fresh N Tasty Pouch is preferred over other packaging in areas that are important to consumers.  Consumers preferred the appearance of cookies in the flexible pouch nearly 2 to 1 over cookies in a rigid container and 61% found the cookies to be fresher.  They also found the pouch to be easier to carry, reseal and store at home.  

*Research shows that consumers aged 18-24 and those aged 55+ are less likely than other age groups to use in-store bakeries.  Appealing to these two demographic groups will require catering to their unique needs.  Because these age groups tend to live in smaller households, many may be discouraged by the large packaging that is standard in many bakeries. Robbie recently introduced a new single serve bakery pouch in two trendy designs.  

Single serve pouches are a great way to cross merchandise your baked goods in other areas like the dairy, deli check out aisles or any grab-n-go station.

*Research also showed that households with smaller children are more likely to purchase at in-store bakeries than those without.  Robbie's School Bus Pouch was designed with this in mind.  Place cookies in this colorful pouch on low rise tables - right in the sight of smaller children.

Fresh N Tasty Bakery pouches are the sweet solution for baked goods. Pouches are designed to grab the attention of the consumer and compel them to purchase. But that is just the icing on the cookie. Each pouch is engineered with a proprietary film base that is guaranteed to extend the shelf life of your baked goods. The specialty and custom pouch designs allow you to feature fresh messaging while also highlighting your baked goods in our high-visibility viewing window. 


Key Pouch Features:
  • Stay Fresh Barrier Properties
  • Resealable Zipper for Freshness
  • Easy Carry Handle
  • High-Visibility Product Viewing Window
  • Large Printing Area for Your Brand Message
  • Custom Graphics for Store Branding
  • Slim Design allows for easy storage

The Fresh N Tasty Bakery pouches are designed to hold a variety of baked goods, including:

Cookies, Donut Holes, Scones, Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, Artisan Breads and more!


We now feature custom On-Pouch marketing solutions for in-store merchandising or cross promotions as seen here. 

For example, consumers could receive a coupon offer towards a gallon of milk if purchasing a dozen cookies. 

To learn more about Robbie's Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches or to request a free copy of Robbie's In-Store Bakery Playbook, please call 800-255-6328 or email us.