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Robbie introduces new Steamable Pouch

Robbie’s strength for bringing ready-to-eat meal solutions to the supermarket perimeter has now penetrated the produce department.  Robbie was excited to introduce retailers to the new Steam N' Eat™ Produce pouch.  The new package allows them the ability to offer customers fresh-cut produce packed in-store with a value-added steamable feature.  Consumers can take advantage of grab-n-go convenience, as well as enjoy healthy eating options that are simple and easy to prepare using the convenience of their microwave.  Currently packaging with this technology is typically found in the frozen aisle or prepacked at the processor level then shipped to the retailer.
The pouch is designed with customized laser venting technology that allows the produce to cook evenly while maintaining the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking.  Retailers will welcome that it provides them with a fresh alternative versus processor shipped product.
According to the April 2016 issue of Produce Business Magazine, the demand for fresh vegetable packaging is expected to climb to $2.8 billion in 2019.  Packaging developments focused on benefits to the consumers in areas of cooking convenience and easy clean-up have become key components in promoting and merchandising fresh-cut produce.  Customers are embracing the convenience of no prep, saving on food waste and the comfort of knowing that they are buying produce that wasn’t frozen or exposed to the general public.
Pouches can hold a variety of fresh-cut produce.  Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, medley and more, Robbie is already working on the next size to add to the new line of Steam N' Eat™ Produce Pouches. 
For more information about this new pouch or to receive a free sample, contact Penny Sweeney at 800-255-6328.