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Fresh N Tasty Bakery® Pouch is Honored

Robbie's Fresh N Tasty Bakery® Pouch is hte recipient of a Gold Achievement Award in the Sustainability Category from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA).

Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) the following data compares the Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouch to a plastic clamshell.
  • Savings of approximately 79% less CO2 emissions to produce a flexible pouch versus a rigid clamshell
  • Savings of 75% in total fossil fuels
  • It takes more trucks to ship clamshells than flexible pouches
  • Warehouse space is dramatically reduced
  • Reduces waste introduced into landfills by 69%
Study was based on 780,000 packages.

We are very pleased to be honored by the Flexible Packaging Association for our work in providing sustainable packaging.